public stratum 2 time server

Instead of using this information page, you should configure your operating system to automatically get the current time from "ntp.freiwuppertal.de".

1553214263 / 2019-03-22T01:24:23+01:00 / Fri, 22 Mar 2019 01:24:23 +0100

Because this server gets the current time directly from PTB Braunschweig and FU Berlin, the time provided by ntp.freiwuppertal.de is extremely accurate (<7ms offset).

Update: ntp.freiwuppertal.de became a CNAME of time.google.com - feel free to continue using "ntp.freiwuppertal.de" as it will always point to a working, accurate time server.

Startseite: https://www.freiwuppertal.de

Haftungsausschluss & Impressum: https://www.freiwuppertal.de/wp/impressum