Become an Admin!

If you play SRB2 on the server regularly, you might be interested in becoming one of the administrators. All you need to become one of them is an account on the SRB2 message board,, with at least 100 posts – just send ToBeFree a private message and you will receive the administrator password.

The password changes from time to time; you can always send ToBeFree a PM to get the new one.

If you want to login as administrator, ALWAYS connect using the IP address.
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Do not use the main server list, even if you see the server there.

On the server, you can login by opening the console and entering “login PASSWORD”, replacing PASSWORD with the real one.

  • If there are any problems, contact ToBeFree using the webchat, or have a look at the contact information.
  • Do not kick/ban players unless it’s absolutely necessary to ensure playability.
  • If kicking someone does not help, simply use the “mute on” command to silence the chat. Feel free to keep the mute on, even when you leave the server.
  • The main gametypes of this server are CTF and Match; when you leave the server and there’s currently no active game running, please change the gametype back to CTF or Match before leaving.
  • Do not use csay or similar commands as a replacement for your normal text messages. Using csay is extremely annoying for anybody currently aiming at something.
  • Do not share the admin password; tell interested people about this website instead. If you share the admin password and it gets abused, I will change the password and you won’t get it again.